Alistage: is more than just a stage deck it is a comprehensive and integrated system with possibly the widest range of accessories of any stage system available. All components are designed to fit together rather than appearing to be "bolt on afterthoughts ".

The range of equipment allows greater flexibility in set design without resorting to "specials" which can be both expensive and time consuming to make. The sheer range of equipment may appear daunting, but simply tell us what you want to do and we will work out exactly what is required. Various levels of service are available from dry hires to delivery and full erection, with instructions and layout sheets dedicated to each job as required, together with Method Statements, as recommended by the H.S.E.

Alistage stage decks are constructed with an aluminium sub-frame which supports a sheet of 18mm plywood with a phenol coated anti slip surface. Alistage stage decks are also significantly lighter than steel framed alternatives. A wide range of stage shapes & sizes are available for hire.


Standard stage legs are manufactured in increments of 200mm from 2" 16 swg tube, with a ring fabricated in position to transfer deck loading and give positive location. Stage legs from 600mm to 1200mm are fitted with struts which locate onto pins mounted on the stage deck, giving a high degree of lateral stability. For stages above 1200mm end frames are used with cross bracing giving a quick, simple and rigid solution, without the need to resort to the ad hoc use of scaffold tubes and steel couplers. Adjustable legs are available to cater for uneven ground like grass.

You can make a saving on delivery and set-up costs by getting multiple elements such as lighting, sound, stage and visuals from us. This means you don't have to be technical and can focus on your own tasks at hand.