We at Wright Event Supplies are constantly adding to our hire stock. If there is something specific that you require that is not listed below, the chances are if we do not have it in stock, we will be able to suggest an alternative. If not we will be able to point you in the right direction.

So why don't you give us a call to see what we can do for you.


Arkaos Video Server
BNC Multicore
Elca 16 Way Video Audio Matrix
Elca Video Distribution Amplifier DVS10S
Extron SW4 AR HV RGB HV Switcher
Fastfold Drape Kit 8' x 6'
Kramer Black Burst / Colour Bar 6003b
Kramer VP-725DS Presentation Switcher / Scaler
LED Panel
LED Video Wall 4.6m x 2.3m
LED Video Wall 4m x 2.3m
Nikkai VGA Splitter 4way
One For All Indoor TV Aerial
Panasonic WJMX12 Vision Mixer
Samsung Digital Presenter SDP-6500
Sony SB-V3000 Matrix
SQN-48 Series IV 4:2 Microphone mixer

DVD Player Sony DVP-NS330
DVD Player Sony DVP-NS355

Fastfold 12' x 12' Projection Screen Kit
Fastfold 12' x 7' Projection Screen Kit
Fastfold 6' x 8' Projection Screen Kit
Insta-Theatre Portable Pull-up Floor Screen 1200mm
Table Top Projector Screen 18" x 13"
Table Top Projector Screen 40" x 30"

NEC LT260 2100 Lumens
Panasonic PTLC50E 600 lumen
Sahara S3000 ANSI Lumen
Sanyo PLC 5605B 700 Lumens
Sanyo PLC XE30 1500 Lumens
Sanyo XP55 4500 Lumen


Anytronics Contractor 24 Dimmer Pack
Dimmer Pack Zero88 Betapack 6 Twin Channel
Dimmer Pack Zero88 Betapack 6 Twin Channel DMX
Dimmer Rack Zero88 Alphapack 3Ch

Lighting Stand 3.5m Powerdrive
Lighting Stand Winch 250KG

Abstract 64 Channel Controller
ICE Keyflash Touch Sensitive 12 x IEC
Lighting Desk Zero88 Level   6 6Ch 1-Preset
Lighting Desk Zero88 Level 18 18Ch 2-Preset
Lighting Desk Zero88 Lightmaster 1200 Memory
Lighting Desk Zero88 Lightmaster XL 12Ch
Martin 2518 DMX Controller
Martin Lightjocky USB-DMX Interface
Multiphase 421 Lighting Controller Mod.LEC42

Arcline Control Unit AL100
Birdie Transformer
Chroma Zone 12
Colourdriver 36
Cryogenics CO2 Jet DMX
DF50 Diffusion Smoke / Hazer
Filter Frame (Coda   500W)
Filter Frame (Minuette)
Jem ZR12 DMX Smoke
Jem ZR24/7 Smoke / Hazer
Le Maitre Bubble Gun
Martin RS-485 DMX Optoslitter
Mirror Ball - 30cm
Mirror Ball - 50cm
Mirror Ball Motor - 100Kg
Mirror Ball Motor - 5Kg
Wheel Effect (Cloud ) Solar 250
Wheel Effect (Crystal Pulse )  (Solar 250)
Wheel Effect (Devil )  (Solar 250)
Wheel Effect (Earthquake)  (Solar 250)
Wheel Effect (Flashy Type)  (Solar 250)
Wheel Effect (Multicolour Oil )  (Solar 250)
Wheel Effect (Munchies )  (Solar 250)
Wheel Effect (Quest )  (Solar 250)
Wheel Effect (Shapeland )  (Solar 250)
Wheel Effect (Solar Wheel Safe )  (Solar 250)
Wheel Effect Rotator Only [12 Sec] (Solar 250)

Abstract PRO Future Scan III CED - MovingLight
Alligator Disco Light
Atomic Strobe
Battern MR16
Blazer Meteor Disco Light 600W
Brilliante Discolight DF005
CCT Minuette Fresnel 500W
CCT Minuette Profile 500W
CCT SIL 15 Followspot + Dimmer 1200W
CCT Starlette Fresnel 1Kw
Colada LED Strip IP67 1 meter
Diabalo Flame Effect
Equinox Disco Light
External Fluorescent Light 16A 58W
Festoon 10m/16A (11 Bulb)
Festoon 15m/16A (40 Bulb)
Festoon 25m/16A (80 Bulb)
Flood 1000W Strand Coda
Flood 500W Strand Coda / Pulsar
Followspot Strand Solo CIS 1000w
Grivrn GR0444 Gobo Projector
HL16 LED Head
ICEL Emergency Light
LED Par 56
Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe
Martin CX2 DMX Colour Changer
Martin DC2 Mania Flame Pprjector
Martin Ego 03 Disco Light
Martin MAC 250 Krypton
Optikinectics Solar 250 Projector
Par16 Birdie
Par36 Pinspot 30W
Par56 Parcan   300W
Par64 Parcan   500W
Par64 Parcan   500W Floorcan
Par64 Parcan 1000W (Black)
Pulsar Chroma Panel 600
Saxby 400w SON Floodlight
Ultra Violet Flood 400W
Ultra Violet Gun 400W
Uplighter White 100w
UV Strip

Black Ball Bungee
Black H/D PVC Sheet 12m x 8m
Black H/D PVC Sheet 6m x 2.1m
Black H/D PVC Sheet 7.2m x 4.8m
Black H/D PVC Sheet 9.1m x 8.5m
Electric Winch
Truss 0.5m
Truss 1.2m
Truss 1m
Truss 1m base section and plate
Truss 2m
Truss 2-Way Right-Angle
Truss 3-Way Right-Angle
Truss 3-Way Right-Angle-45*
Truss 4-Way Right-Angle
Truss 4-Way Right-Angle-45*
Truss Outrigger


Canon BG-E2 Battery Grip
Canon BP-511 Battery
Canon CB-5L Battery Charger
Canon CP-E3 Compact Battery Pack
Canon EOS 20D
Canon RS-80N3 Remote Switch
Canon Speedlite 580EX Flash
Jessops Universal Card Reader USB
Sandisk Ultra 2 2gigabyte compact flashcard
Sigma 18-50mm Lens
Tamrac Camera Bag & Strap

32gb SD Card Class 10
Boom Pole - 600mm-2700mm VDB 606
Boom Pole Fishpole 860-2900mm K&M
Cartoni FL3JNR Tripod
Interfit Background Cloth Pack
Manfrotto 055CL Tripod
Manfrotto 141RC Tripod Head
Manfrotto 244 Magic Arm
Manfrotto MN055CL Chrome Tripod
Sony DCR-SX30 Handycam
Sony DRS 250P Camcorder KIt
Sony DSR-250P Digital Video Camera
Sony DSR-300P DSP Digital Video Camera
Sony Hyper Had UVW-100P SP BetaCAM Camcorder



Beta 1200 Amplifier 1200W
Beta 800 "Seven Series"Amplifier 800W
Camco DL 3000-2P Amplifier 3500W
Carlsbro Colt 65K Keyboard amp
C-Audio RA1001 Amp 500w
C-Audio RA3001 Amp 1250w
Cloud CV 500 Amplifier 500W
Crest Audio CA9 Amplifier 2000W
Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Amp
Marshall Bass 200
Martin MA1.6S Amplifier
MC2 MC750
QSC EX 2500 Dual Monaural Amplifier 2500W
QSC PLX1202 Power Amplifier 1200W
Torque Acoustics T50K Instrument Amplifier

Multicore 12 Sends - 4 Returns 50m 
Multicore 24 Sends - 4 Returns 50m 
Multicore Stage Box

Alesis Microverb 3
Ashly Dual Channel Compressor Limiter CL52E
Audio Interface
Behringer Multicom Pro-XL MDX 1400
Behringer Multicom Pro-XL MDX 4600
Behringer Ultragain Pro 8 ADA 8000
Bose 802C Frequency Crossover Controller
Boss Dr Sample SP 202
DBX Project 1 Expander Quad Gate 274
Furman Frequency Crossover Controller
GAE Frequency Crossover Controller
Martin M3 Blackline Frequency Crossover Controller
Samson Quad Noisegate S-Gate 4
Shark DSP110
TC Electronics Reverb M300
Yamaha REV5 Digital Reverb
Yamaha SPX900 Multi Fx Processor
Yamaha SPX990 Multi Fx Processor

Behringer Ultragraph Pro FBQ3102
BSS FCS960 Graphic Equaliser
BSS FCS966 Graphic Equaliser
Klark-Teknik DN360 Dual Band Graphic
Rane EQ ME15B

AKG BR91 Extention
AKG C1000(S) Condenser Hyper/Cardioid Mic
AKG C418 Condenser Hypercardioid Clip-On Microphon
AKG C451 Mic Body
AKG CK1 Mic capsuale
AKG CK97-C Cardioid Condenser Tie-Clip Mic (SE300)
AKG CK97-O Cardioid Condenser Tie-Clip Mic (SE300)
AKG D112 Dynamic Cardioid Mic (Bass Drum/Tuba/Trom
AKG Drum Kit Mic Set
AKG Lectern Kit
AKG Mic Clip
AKG Windshield
Audio Technica AT835B Condenser Shotgun Mic
Audio-Technica Podium Pro49Q
Banquet Mic Stand, 17cm fixed
Banquet Mic Stand, 19cm - 38cm telescopic
Banquet Mic Stand, 23cm - 36cm telescopic
Banquet Mic Stand, 31cm - 53cm telescopic
Boom Mic Kit
DI Box EMO 520 Single Passive
Hirosys Podium Base AT8600S Switch Base
Mic stand Boom Long
Mic stand Boom Short
Mic stand Round Base Long
Mic Table Top Clamp
Rycote Suspension Mount
Seinheizer Rado Mic
Sennheiser EK100 Receiver (EW 100)
Sennheiser ME2 Tie Clip Mic
Sennheiser MKH 416P48 Supercardioid Shot Gun
Sennheiser Podium Mic Base
Sennheiser Radio Tie Clip Pack
Shure PG288/PG58 Dual Vocal Wireless Mics
Shure PSM 600 In-Ear Monitor System
Shure SLX Lavalier Pack
Shure SLX SM58 Radio Mic Pack
Shure SLX wireless instrument pack
Shure SM57 Instrument Line Mic
Shure SM58 Vocal Line mic
Shure SM91

Behringer VMX 100
Denon DN-X1500
Pioneer DJM 1000
Pioneer DJM 300
Pioneer DJM 800
Pioneer DJM3000
Powerstation 600 Mixer-Amp 600W 8Ch 
Soundcraft Delta Theatre 32Ch
Soundcraft F1 8Ch
Soundcraft FX8
Soundcraft Live 16Ch
Soundcraft Live 4
Soundcraft Series 200SR
Soundcraft Spirit E8 8Ch
Soundcraft Spirit Folio 6Ch
Yamaha 01v96 Digital Mixer
Yamaha EMX5000-20 Mixer-Amp 1000W 16Ch
Yamaha LS9 32

CD Player Denon
Denon Cassette Tape Deck
Denon DN2000 twin CD
Denon DN2000F MK2 twin CD
Denon DN4000 twin CD
Denon DN4000D twin CD
Denon DN-S3000
Folding DJ/Mixing Table
Pioneer CDJ 400
Pioneer CDJ 500
Pioneer CDJ1000 CD
Pioneer CDJ800 MkII DC Deck
Serato Scratch Live SL1
Sony MDS-JE480 Minidisc Player
Sony MZ-R91 minidisc recorder
Tascam DA20 DAT Machine
Tascam DR-40 Linearr PCM HD Recorder
Technics 1210 Turntable

1 K Bose pack
1.5 K Bose Pack
1/2 K Bose pack
1/2 K DJ Pack
1/2k Bose Power Station Pack
2 K Bose pack
DJ Cofffin
DJ Rig 1.5 K
Effect Rack Pack
EMO RK1 Rack Light
EV 600W Power Station Pack
Festival Sound System Full Bands 500 SS2
GAE 6K rig
HK Audio Linear 5 Big Venue Pack
Meeting Recording Pack (SS1)

Bose 802 Top Hat
Doughty Speaker stands
Martin Speaker Poles
Martin Speaker Stand
Speaker stands

Anchor Liberty MPB 4500 Porta PA 50W
Bose 302 Bass Speaker 500W
Bose 802 Full Range Speaker 250w
Carlsbro Alpha PM15 200W Powered Monitor
EV SX300
GAE 351L Bass Bin
HK Audio Linear 5 115 FA
HK Audio Linear 5 115 FA Cover
HK Audio Linear 5 115 FA Tilt Unit
HK Audio Linear 5 Sub 2000 A
HK Audio Linear 5 Sub 2000 A Cover
Marshall JCM900 1960 4 by 12 guitar cab
Martin F15 Mid/High Speaker
Martin LE350 Monitor Speaker
Martin LE400B Wedge Monitor Speaker
Martin S18 Bass Speaker
RCF Art 315A Active Speaker
Shermann CB215 Sub Bass Speaker
Shermann CUB400 Full Range Speaker



10' x 10'  Easy Marquee
20' x 10'  Easy Marquee
6m x 4m  Easy Marquee
8m x 4m  Easy Marquee

3.3kw Electric Marquee Heater
Assam Catering Urn
Backstage Dressing Room Pack
Black Drape 4m x 6m- flame retardant
Bluemax 950 Fan
Cable Ramp (5 channel) 1yard
Clicker (Talley Counter)
Clip Connector Pole F/F 1m Black
Clip Display Board Pack
Clip Exhibition Display Board 1m x 1m
Clip Exhibition Display Header Board 1m x 0.25m
Clothes Rail
CO2 Confetti Cannon
Coconut Matting 1.5m x 6m
Fete Stalls 7' x 3'
Flame light silk 5 foot
Harlequin Studio Vinyl Dance Floor 1.5m x 10m
Lectern Perspex
Lectern Truss stem
Marquee heater LPG
Mirror- Illuminated freestanding
Music Stand
Nobo Foldaflip Folding Flipchart
Portable Induction Loop
Santas Grotto
Stage Flat 8' x 4'
Stanchion Post
Stanchion Rope Black
Stanchion Rope Blue
Walkie Talkie
Wheelchair Access Ramp
Wind machine 65cm
XmasTree 6ft white fiberoptic
Yamaha 9000 Drum kit
Zarges Ladder

Cafe Tables (metal)
Folding Samsonite Chairs (Black)
Folding Samsonite Chairs (Blue)
Folding Samsonite Chairs (Brown)
Folding Samsonite Chairs (White)
Trestle Table 72" x 27"
Umbrella for Garden Table White Round

10 KVA Generator Biodiesal
16 KVA Super Silent Diesal Generator (GEN1)
5.5 KVA Petrol Generator
6 KVA Diesel Generator Silenced
Copper Bond Earth Rod 3/8" x 4'
Distro 63A- 2x32a + 4x16a
Distro 63A- 2x32a + 6x13a
Distro 63A- 4x32a
Distro 63A- 6x16a + 6x13a

Cable Safety Hose Ramp 1' 
Crowd Control Barriers (2.4m)
Fire Blanket
Fire Extinguisher CO2
Fire Extinguisher Foam
Fire Extinguisher Powder
Fire Extinguisher Water
Heras Fence (3.5m lenght x 2.5 m height)
High Visibility Nylon Stewards Jacket
Mobile Fire Point
Pit Barrier (1m)
Portable Appliance Testing (per item)
Rubber Matting Roll
Safety Helmet
Traffic cones


Alistage  Adjustable Ramp Leg Insert 5.5cm Ad
Alistage  Adjustable Standard Leg Insert 11cm
Alistage 10' x 10' Stage with 10' Easy up Cover
Alistage 1000mm Leg
Alistage 1000mm Step Leg
Alistage 1200mm Leg
Alistage 1200mm Step Leg
Alistage 132mm Leg
Alistage 1400mm Leg
Alistage 1400mm Step Leg
Alistage 1500mm Leg
Alistage 1600mm Leg
Alistage 1600mm Step Leg
Alistage 1800mm Leg
Alistage 1800mm Step Leg
Alistage 2000mm Legs pack of 4 for 8x4
Alistage 200mm  Leg
Alistage 200mm Ramp Leg 7464
Alistage 200mm Step Leg 7525
Alistage 2200mm Leg
Alistage 250mm Step Leg
Alistage 300mm  Leg
Alistage 400mm Leg
Alistage 400mm Step Leg 7526
Alistage 500mm  Leg 3867
Alistage 600mm Leg
Alistage 600mm Step Leg 7527
Alistage 800mm Leg (LB)
Alistage 800mm Leg C/W  Struts 7467
Alistage 800mm Step Leg 7528
Alistage 900mm Leg
Alistage Adjacent Deck Unit Coupler 7440
Alistage Adjustable Generic Leg Leveller
Alistage Adjustable Long Leg Insert 20cm Adj
Alistage Bung Puller Tool
Alistage Deck 1' X 8'
Alistage Deck 2' X 4'
Alistage Deck 2' x 5' (600mm x 1500mm)
Alistage Deck 2' X 6'
Alistage Deck 2' X 8'
Alistage Deck 3' x 8'
Alistage Deck 4' x 1'
Alistage Deck 4' x 3'
Alistage Deck 4' x 4' (1200mm x 1200mm)
Alistage Deck 4' x 5' (1200mm x 1500mm)
Alistage Deck 4' x 6' (1200mm x 1800mm)
Alistage Deck 4' x 8' (1200mm x 2400mm)
Alistage Grid Deck 4' x 4' (1200mm x 1200mm)
Alistage Handrail Centre Post
Alistage Handrail Centre Post Step
Alistage Handrail Centre Post Step (400mm drop)
Alistage Handrail Corner Post
Alistage Handrail End Post
Alistage Handrail Step Top Post End
Alistage Handrail Top Post Step Long
Alistage Handrail Tube 2' Short
Alistage Handrail Tube 2' Tiered Seating
Alistage Handrail Tube 4' Long 7444
Alistage Handrail Tube 4' Short 7443
Alistage Handrail Tube 4' Tiered Seating
Alistage Handrail Tube 5' Long
Alistage Handrail Tube 5' Short
Alistage Handrail Tube 6' Long 7453
Alistage Handrail Tube 6' Short
Alistage Handrail Tube 8' Long 7446
Alistage Handrail Tube 8' Short 7445
Alistage Leg Coupler Bar Adjustable (Ramp)
Alistage Leg Coupler Bar Fixed
Alistage Leg Set & Bracing 8' x 4' Deck 2.4m high
Alistage Light Weight Deck 4' x 4'
Alistage Ramp End Section 4' (1200mm) Wide
Alistage Step Unit 4'x1'

Access Ramp
Base Foot 2-hole Wood Block
Base Foot 4-hole Wood Block
Black Cap 1.25" (leg top insert)
Chair Stop Double  (2 hole)
Chair Stop Double  (4 hole)
Chair Stop Single  (2 hole)
Double Top  (1500mm x 750mm)
Frame 150mm
Frame 300mm
Frame 300mm TRIANGULAR
Frame 500mm
Frame 500mm TRIANGULAR
Frame 750mm
Rail, Corner Single (1 leg)
Rail, Corner Single (3 leg)
Rail, Single
Rail, Spacer
Rail, Triple
Single Top  (750mm x 750mm)
Steps, Double (750mm)
Steps, Single (500mm)

Trailer Stage 24' x 20' TS1
Trailer Stage 24' x 20' TS2
Trailer Stage 60'x24' stage 40'x30', 2x10' TS3