Q-Build by Stage Systems combines versatility with great strength. They answer a wide range of stage hire needs for the performing arts, for music and for display. The stages unusual design encourages creative participation - an almost infinite number of layouts can be achieved. Q-Build is the "LEGO" of the staging world.

The versatility of Q-Build means that tiered seating structure can be quickly assembled in different sizes and heights to accommodate small or large performance groups. Safety rails ensure the safety of the performers together with the tiering's strength. compact storage and versatility Q-build is the ideal choral tiering for standing performers.

Q-Build staging will give you the ideal tiered platform for standing performers; choirs and singing groups, standing musicians and group photography. Forming a strong and safe riser structure, Q-build can raise your group of artists, in rows, to improve visual impact and acoustics.


We provide tiered staging for choirs such as: Islington choral society, Exmore singers and Hertford choral society to name but a few.

Q-Build stage decks are 750 mm x 750 mm made from best quality birch plywood, finished in UV-cured, slip resistant acrylic lacquer and slip resistant black paint. Frames are available in standard height increments of 150 mm, 300 mm, 500 mm and 750 mm.

Q-Build exceeds BS4875 (parts 5 and 6) strength and stability tests and are proven for a range of stage and tiering layouts.

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You can make a saving on delivery and set-up costs by getting multiple elements such as lighting, sound, stage and visuals from us. This means you don't have to be technical and can focus on your own tasks at hand.