Projectors: When deciding whether to use a projector or plasmas for your event, there are a few elements to keep in mind.

• Ambient light: Every projector is given a Lumen rating which tells you how bright the projector is. So, just like a torch in bright sunlight it may have little or no impact.

• Throw distance: This refers to the distance between the screen and the projector.

• Projection Screens: Projection Screens have the advantage of providing a smooth, even surface for your presentation which enhances your image. They can be front or rear projected, dependant on the room.


Plasma and LCD Displays: Often when a location has bright natural light, plasma screens are the preferred choice as they are unaffected by room lighting and deliver excellent picture quality.

Video Cameras: With video cameras it helps to have an idea of what the final purpose will be. Would you like to create short clips for YouTube, your website, for a live feed to another room or screen on stage? We also have the ability for our HD cameras to be wireless but still be able to beam live pictures and sound to the screen. This great for doing audience interviews, or at award ceremonies.

Digital Visualizers: Also known as document cameras, visual presenters, digital overheads, or docucams, are real-time image capture devices for displaying an object to a large audience. Like an opaque projector, a document camera is able to magnify and project the images of actual, three-dimensional objects, as well as transparencies. They are, in essence, high resolution web cams, mounted on arms so as to facilitate their placement over a page. This allows a presenter to write on a sheet of paper or to display a two or three-dimensional object while the audience watches. Theoretically, all objects can be displayed by a document camera.

Vision Mixer / Seamless Switcher: A vision mixer (also called video switcher, video mixer or production switcher) is a device used to select between several different video sources like cameras, computers and DVD players. In some cases compositing (mix) video sources together to create special effects. This is similar to what a mixing console does for audio.

You can make a saving on delivery and set-up costs by getting multiple elements such as lighting, sound, stage and visuals from us. This means you don’t have to be technical and can focus on your own tasks at hand.