Lighting is a cost-effective element to the success of any event. It sets the mood and can enhance the experience of all your guests and delegates. Most of our clients use lighting to emphasize the branding of their product; bring dramatic attention to certain elements or improve the quality of photos and video taken at their events.


Examples of our sound equipment for hire are:

HK Audio Linear 5 Big Venue Pack Hire £300+vat

The Linear 5 series" largest powered PA system, the Big Venue Pack comes with everything you need to entertain audiences of up to 600*. It consists of two 15" mid/ high units, four mighty L-SUB 2000 subwoofers and matching accessories. This system"s dynamic response is nothing short of remarkable; it delivers the goods for the most demanding sound reinforcement applications. Simply set the mid/high units" Gain/EQ switch and the subwoofers" Configuration switch – that"s all it takes to voice the system. The integrated controller"s presets do the rest.

•   Sets up quickly and is ready for use in no time at all
•   Fully active component management (gain adjustment) for utmost flexibility and utility
•   All components needed for safe operation on board and optimized to suit user needs
•   Mid/high units may be used separately
•   Factory-included accessories


*Audience size numbers are more for orientation rather than a definite recommendation. The actual coverage will depend on the room’s size, shape, appointments and furnishings, the area that you want cover, and the desired SPL.


Yamaha LS9 Digital Mixers Hire £120+vat

These mixers give us the ability to have multiple outputs to stage monitors or cameras. Being digital means that we can save individual sound checks and recall all the setting during the show. Digital desks also reduce setup time as all of the outboard (FX, Gates and EQs) are built in.

The LS9 features 16 MIX buses that can be used in either AUX (VARI) or GROUP (FIXED) mode, plus 8 MATRIX buses. The LS9-32 has 16 analog OMNI OUT connectors, while the LS9-16 has 8 OMNI OUT connectors. Any of the STEREO, MIX, and/or MATRIX buses can be assigned to the OMNI OUT connectors as required. 
In addition to 4-band parametric EQ and two dynamics processors on every input, 4-band parametric EQ and one dynamics processor on every output bus offer significantly enhances sound control versatility

Screenshot 2020-07-22 at 5.13.15 pm.png

• Microphones: All microphones are different and are designed for different applications. Some are designed for speaking, singing, guitars, brass and drums. Microphones can also be wireless handheld or clip on lapels. We have a large stock from manufactures like; SHURE, AKG, BEYERDYNAMIC and SENNHEISER.

• Stage Monitors: These are special speakers that point towards the stage and allow the performer to here themselves to keep in tune and in time. We also have wireless in ear monitors.

Our sound engineers can be on hand during any event to monitor levels and ensure that at all times, your delegates can focus their task and your guest speakers can feel confident.

The factors we take into account when putting together a PA system are;

• Audience size

• Venue size

• Venue acoustics

• Ambient noise levels

• The number and type of microphones

• Additional audio sources such as laptops, iPods, DVD players, instruments.

• Is the event being recorded?

You can make a saving on delivery and set-up costs by getting multiple elements such as lighting, sound, stage and visuals from us. This means you don’t have to be technical and can focus on your own tasks at hand.