Lighting is a cost-effective element to the success of any event. It sets the mood and can enhance the experience of all your guests and delegates. Most of our clients use lighting to emphasize the branding of their product; bring dramatic attention to certain elements or improve the quality of photos and video taken at their events.


GDS Up lighters Hire:  £170+vat Per 6 Pack

These are a firm favourite with many conference organisers, venue managers and event planners. They deliver a bright light and are easily concealed (no messy wires). With minimal power consumption, these have a longer working life and low heat output (so a good point for your companies green policy). With over 16m colour combinations and are even effectively visible for day-time events. 

•40W RGB LED emitter
•W-DMX Wireless DMX
•24 hour runtime from fully charged battery (14 hours on full white)
•IP45 interior/exterior use
•50 preset colours Lee and Rosco
•20 preset snaps/fades
•Charging cycle 6 hours
•Finished in stainless steel to blend in with any surrounding

GDS Wireless Battery Powered Up Lighter Hire

PixelPar 90 hire: £20+vat

A lighting designers favourite, the PixelPar has all the intensity of a traditional Parcan, but allows infinite creativity from the long lasting energy efficient LED source and vast colour palette. Ideal for lighting stages, theatrical sets, television and architecture. 


•90 high intensity red, green and blue K2 Luxeon emitters
•Custom LED arrays by request
•High quality, highest colour binning
•Extensive colour palette

Preset Programming

•Onboard digital micro-processor accessible via user interface that provide access to 2 sets of 31 internal effects, each with the ability to vary the speed, intensity and cross fade for each effect
•High frequency strobing up to 28 frames per second (variable up to 10min)

LED Par Can Pixel Par 90 hire

Fixed and zoom lights:

• Par cans: Normally restricted to a colour gel or white light, great for set-up flexibility.

• Source fours: Normally used to highlight a lectern, the beam can also be shaped using internal shutters.

• Follow-spot: The traditional attention seeker for award ceremonies.

• Architectural lights: effective for outdoors on building and trees.

• Moving heads: these move, rotate and change colour.

• Gobo Projection: have your custom logo made in advance.

You can make a saving on delivery and set-up costs by getting multiple elements such as lighting, sound, stage and visuals from us. This means you don't have to be technical and can focus on your own tasks at hand.

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